Burger Me

i2dw5nf19jro41tdfdrfidxzo1_5001This is a burger.

Woah! Big ass burger. Burger Me.

I eat quite poorly at the moment, working in the evenings, away from basic cooking appliances and ingredients, fast food is sometimes the norm. I don’t care, frankly, about it too much. So yeah.

Got alerted to this girl recently. Sounds good, but not as good as this girl.

Is Leonard Cohen the most covered artist of all time?

I don’t know, do you?


Beard Lust

Thoughts of the past fortnight have ranged wildly but often land upon the paranoia I face about my face. My beard is becoming bigger than me, I don’t mind this fact, the beard is my making. It has become clear, though, that it may be my undoing.

I console myself by listening to Bonnie “Prince” Billy and thinking about his beard.


Album “Master And Everyone”, possibly my favourite, is comfort on many levels but, ultimately, acts as inspiration at those moments when I am stricken by “The Fear”. Beard fear.

Someone who doesn’t have a beard is Dent May. Ukelele pop maestro from Mississippi, signed to Animal Collective’s label Paw Tracks and heading out on tour with them accross Europe in March, Dent is a gem. Listening to his MySpace page while deciding what shoes to committ to this afternoon filled me with hope and optimism for the day ahead. Thank you, Dent. I will turn to you once more in times of (frequent) indecision.

Dent May

Bonnie “Prince” Billy


But I will go to Tesco soon where a bewildering array of food stuffs will inevitably make it hard for me to make a decision. But that isn’t anything new with me anyway.

This, my first foray into blogging, is perhaps long overdue so, for the next week or two, the content will be pretty flat.

I pulled on a t-shirt my parents bought me from a tourist shop in Reykjavik, it reads “Cool As A Viking: Iceland”, bought in reference to the live folk night I run in Sheffield, Cool As Folk. Scandinavia and Northern Europe has been on my mind now and again since Sunday evening since listening to the new Whitest Boy Alive track, “Island”. Embracing fully the Balearic elements of Scandinavian electronic music galvanised by Lindstrom and others in 2008, this new effort follows essentially a similar pattern to the pop songs from “Dreams”, the band’s first album, an album recorded in one take at a practice session (I believe?). The step up in production values is evident and, overall, suggests that the band will perhaps take 2009 in the same way Hercules & Love Affair took 2008.

It also led me to The New Wine, a Norwegian Balearic pop outfit who are touring with WBA within the next few months. This is unabashed pre-party music, something to elongate the process of finding the right shirt for the right night. I am pretty hungry so will purchase food stuffs in a matter of moments. Moments matter. What?

The New Wine

The Whitest Boy Alive