Beard Lust

Thoughts of the past fortnight have ranged wildly but often land upon the paranoia I face about my face. My beard is becoming bigger than me, I don’t mind this fact, the beard is my making. It has become clear, though, that it may be my undoing.

I console myself by listening to Bonnie “Prince” Billy and thinking about his beard.


Album “Master And Everyone”, possibly my favourite, is comfort on many levels but, ultimately, acts as inspiration at those moments when I am stricken by “The Fear”. Beard fear.

Someone who doesn’t have a beard is Dent May. Ukelele pop maestro from Mississippi, signed to Animal Collective’s label Paw Tracks and heading out on tour with them accross Europe in March, Dent is a gem. Listening to his MySpace page while deciding what shoes to committ to this afternoon filled me with hope and optimism for the day ahead. Thank you, Dent. I will turn to you once more in times of (frequent) indecision.

Dent May

Bonnie “Prince” Billy


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